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Qingdao VIH hose Co., Ltd is a one stop destination to choose and buy the hydraulic hoses. Our personnel have expertise and years of experiences in the rubber hose and hydraulic hose manufacturing sector. All visitors to our platform vihflex online can focus on the waterblast hose in detail. They get the most exceptional guidance and make an informed decision to buy the right hose on time.

Make a well-informed decision

Our VIH rubber hoses are appropriate for various low-pressure to high-pressure applications. They are well-equipped with the steel wire reinforcement and also optional smooth or wrapped cover. They are suitable for water and petroleum based hydraulic oil.

We enhance our products in terms of the quality and ensure about 100% satisfaction to every customer. We focus on and make certain several aspects of the resources and technologies designed to manufacture the hydraulic and waterblast hoses.

We design and manufacture the best-in-class nature of the hydraulic hose with the nature to sustain high pressure of water blast in all situations. If you wish to buy the first-class hydraulic fittings within the budget, then you can contact us right now. You will get the best assistance on time and be encouraged to fulfil wishes about the hydraulic fittings shopping.

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