Hydraulic hose
Hydraulic hose
Get the best Hydraulic Hose and fittings on your budget from Vihflex Vihflex is a leading Hydraulic Hose China manufacturer. We specialize in providing high-quality hydraulic hoses with superior...
High pressure washer hose
High pressure washer hose
What is the requirement of using a pressure washer hose? For the tremendous pressure of the water flow, people can’t able to use the typical water tube. The main reason is it is not having the capability of...
Petroleum drilling hose
Petroleum drilling hose
Petroleum drilling hose
Concrete Pump Hose
Concrete Pump Hose
What are the Advantages of Choosing the VIHFLEX Concrete Pump Hose? Most of the people wishing to choose our hose manufacturing service because we are always giving our best to everyone. Here you will get...
Hose fitting & couplings
Hose fitting & couplings
Hose fitting & couplings

Why Choose Us

Qingdao VIH hose Co., Ltd, 2012, annual capacity of hydraulic hose 20,000,000 meters, has more than 200 staff members and 40,000 square meters buildings. 

We have 7 spiral production lines and 24 braiding production lines, produced size from 3/16 inch to 4 inches (4.76 to 102mm).

VIH owns high level Rubber Hose R & D center and Test center, imported Germany impulse test machine used to test dynamic impulse test, burst pressure

test machine, Gotech rubber tensile test machine, ozone aging test machine, etc. used to test raw material, semi-finished products and finished products. 

There are also test equipment specially used to test the flame retardant, anti-static and wear resistance.


Hot Products

VIH rubber hose is suitable for a variety of low-pressure to high-pressure applications, and is equipped with steel wire reinforcement and optional smooth or wrapped cover, suitable for petroleum and water-based hydraulic oil.

Recent News

Finding the Right Hydraulic Hose China Factory - VIH Hose
Finding the Right Hydraulic Hose China Factory - VIH Hose
Sep 20 , 2023
In today's global marketplace, China has become a hub for manufacturing a wide range of industrial products. When it comes to hydraulic hose, China stands out as a leading producer and supplier. With an extensive network of factories and a reputation for quality, hydraulic hose China manufacturers have gained recognition worldwide. In this article, we...
Sep 07 , 2023
In the realm of construction and heavy machinery, the seamless flow of materials and fluids is vital for efficiency and safety. Two key components that play...
Aug 22 , 2023
When it comes to hydraulic hoses, quality and durability are of utmost importance. That's why VIH Hose Co., Ltd. stands out as a leading hydraulic hose China...
Aug 03 , 2023
In the realm of fluid transfer systems, hydraulic hose and concrete pump hose play crucial roles in delivering fluids efficiently and safely. As industries...
Jul 05 , 2023
Concrete delivery can make all the difference in the success of a construction project. To achieve this, concrete pump hose plays a crucial role in ensuring...

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